Ms. Payal Modi - B.D.S
During my childhood I had typhoid fever and intake of allopathic medicines caused negative reactions like loss of memory, drowsiness, hair fall and nausea. Editorial of Dr. Sushma Hirpara in Gujarat Samachar took me to Arogyatirth and her treatment helped me regain my loss of memory and other problems too.

Mrs. Radhika Doshi
My four & half years old son, born prematurely and weighing only one & half kgs. was so weak that antibiotics, penicillin and steroids worsened the situation.
Dr.Hirpara & Mrs.Hirpara helped him with Ayurveda to recover completely and now he eats well with relish and enjoys excellent health.
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Manjulaben Patel
My ovarian cyst detected three years ago following excessive menstrual flow led me to subject to surgery. Running from pillar to post at the portals of allopathy tired me out.
Ayurvedic treatment at the expert hands of Dr.Hirpara & Mrs.Hirpara  completely eliminated the lump and resumed my normal health cycle.

Yogesh Zaveri
18 months ago I went to a skin specialist in Bombay for my treatment of Alopecia ( lack of hair growth ). I used lotions and also took injections to no avail. Reading about Dr. Pravin and Dr. Sushma Hirpara, I rushed to take Ayurvedic treatment. Hair began to sprout and soon I had a full stock of hair.
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