Mr. Dhirendra s. Doshi 
- Executive Engineer, G.E.B 
My son PRANAV was a four years old, that time he had severe pain during passing stool,even loose motion gives him pain too. That time we were staying at Baroda. Once while travelling to kutchh PRANAV got horrible pains in abdomen. Doctor told it might be due to constipation. Suppositary was put at anus, and after fifty minuts he passed the stool and he was constantly crying and shouting because of his pains. We came back to Baroda and consulted a physician and related surgeon. He sujjested that there might be some obstruction, we have to make investigations and then if needed we have to go for surgery

Pranav is only son of us and so small, so that we got disturbed. And we contacted Dr.HIRPARA. A course of 15 days medicines along with the instructions about food, started giving possitive result. Then we continued medicines till 4 to 5 months. No other medicines taken.

At persent he is of 8 years old, completely in healthy condition. We are very happy and satisfied now.

Mr. Kamal Trivedi 
- T.V. Artist 
Dr. Pravin Hirpara's treatment has cured me  from severe gastric problem, which other doctors were unable to even diagnose. On taking his treatment I am completely cured and living a normal life.
Contect No:- 91+079+26610568

Mr. K.L. Raje - Psoriasis Patient 
Thanks to Dr. Sushma Hirpara's ayurvedic expertise for  giving me a second life by curing me from 10 years painful suffering of Psoriasis.

Ms. Vimala J. Patel - Uterus Prolapsed
After delivering twins my uterus prolapsed and I was advised by the doctor for major operation. Being young  and fear of operation took me to "Arogyatirth" and their treatment cured me completely. Even after 20 years
of this incident I have never faced this again.

Ms. Suchita Dave - 16 years
When I was studying in 7th Std.  I was suffering from Alopecia. Somebody recommended me to Dr. Pravin Hirpara
and Dr. Sushma Hirpara of "Arogyatirth". Their ayurvedic oils , shampoo and medicines cured me from Alopecia and today I am having lovely long hair. For all this, the  credit goes to Dr. Pravinbhai Hirpara and Dr. Sushma Hirpara. I am really grateful to them.

Mr. Vivek Mehta - Journalist - Gujarat Samachar
Rheumatoid Anthiritis doesn't have any medicine in allopathy. Only painkill
ers give temporary relief from the pain. Being a journalist by profession I was concerned about my career and family.   I experienced as my life is passing through a dark tunnel. My visit to Dr. Pravin Hirpara's clinic showed me the rays of hope through the dark where I was advised to make some changes in my food habits and  recommended some herbal medicines which in turn reduced the intake of painkillers I was taking earlier. After taking continuous treatment for 11 months now I am completely back to  normal. The entire credit goes to Dr. Pravin Hirpara.
Contect No:- 91+09898988018